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Kalito Letter To ClassiQ

Beehive Based Rapper, Kalito pens down an emotional track towards Arewa Mafia tagged LETTER TO CLASSIQ.
Sampling A Recorded Phone Conversation between him & Classiq;  Kalito rapped;

The name is Kalito from Beehive Turn the Mic On wanna talk to big brother.
how you doing big brother how you doing bro hope you good I pray for more blessings (Amen).
Ama  big fan since way back then I look up to you coz you ve been a  motivation till November
About 5 pm I called big bro unfortunately big bro himself telling me his asleep lemme call back later.
Kept calling no one’s picking that sh*t got me thinking like why will he do such but I know his voice very much.
If he told me he was busy I will understand more very I’ve bin with his number for long just don’t wanna call at the wrong time.
so I wait patiently for the right time, No lie I called coz I wanted him on my track but it wasn’t for free though.

The New North Album Tour that ClassiQ sidelined Beehive (BAUCHI) kalito talked about on the track LETTER TO CLASSIQ

On the second Verse, Kalito talks about Classiq last Album Tour that he publicly sideline his home town BAUCHI. It is true that Classiq Is yet to have his own show at his hometown since the limelight.

The Zan Kira Ka crooner didn’t shy away from the fact that he is still a Classiq fan despite the phone conversation incidence but hopes that ClassiQ will have a rethink about his Attitudes towards his hometown.


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