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Doc X Post

Crowned King of Raffstreet Doc. X aka King Raff has come to be a household name to reckon with as long as Rap and Hip Hop is known for, the Hip Hop icon happens to be the crooner of Baba No and Kudi respectively,

Dj Luck Highway Mixtape

 The Ever coolest DJ Luck is here with a street banger compilation on a mix-tape with the most favorite of your favorite song compilation with the title Highway Mix-tape, as the name implies you need this mix-tape

Mosta PR13ST claims better than arewa favourite artist...

the battle for supremacy in the rap game has been a long thing in the game in some cases and sceneriso it could get bloody too just as in the case of 2pac and Biggie smalls in the first generation of meanstream Hip

Baff Love me Jeje (Prod. Pedro M&M by Spyzy)

the city of Beehive has raised and built a lot of talents and amongst those great talent is Mr lover boy aka Mr Baff who is known prominent with his melodious love romantic songs that can make your girl think twice in

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