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Gotheeq Drop 1 video to Celebrate his...

Veteran Rapper Gotheeq AKA the Chongai lyricist, a Beehive based bilingual lyricist, rapper, and song writer went all out in grandeur to commemorate and felicitate the Post humus birthday of his mom, as a letter trying to let her to know how her kids and friends are holding up in her memories and was quoted via Social media post as thus...

"Memories don't leave like people do (In Mosdef Voice) it's been 18years since you left and your blessing and lessons never faded or ran dry, Your Memories lives forever, with you i had my best days. Happy birthday Mum We miss you"

Song is titled My Eyes Don Clear and the video was directed and Chopped by the One and only Fikayo Visuals, watch and enjoy and don't forget there's love in sharing... 


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