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Saladeen Zaquex TOTIB Vol.1

Realtalk alot of us have had to experience Life on autopilot, no counsel no guidance, where as experience is the best teacher, if you wait to learn all about from your experiences alone, it might take you a longer time and no one has that abundant luxury of time hence, we learn from the experiences of others and Veteran rapper, Song writer, Lyricist, Zaquex mostly known as Saladeen Zaquex is about to hit us with a NEW PROJECT: EP-Mixtape titled: TIP OF THE ICEBERG...
        This Album was set out To enlighten the minds of many on life and spirituality, Also For anyone seeking a deeper meaning to life. He also said that he believe people can learn from his life experiences and do better for themselves. So this whole project talks in essence about Life, spirituality and nonconformism to the so called societal norms. Set to be released tomorrow #18thJuly2023... Spread the love


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  1. You are a great child, may the Almighty God bless and take you higher in Jesus name


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