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Secrets about The man Craytiff...


Sunday Ezekiel Shekara (born July 5th)

popularly known as CRAYTIFF, is a Nigerian Professional Digital Artist, Graphic Designer and NFT creator.

Craytiff is popularly known across Nigeria for his digital art pattern which is unique and different (cray ways).


Ezekiel Shekara (Father) 

Dinatu Ezekiel (Mother)

Citizenship: Nigerian 

Years Active:

2015 - Present 

Early life:

Craytiff hails from Bogoro Local Government Area of Bauchi state where he was born along the way he grew up in Kaduna and Abuja partly.


Sunday Ezekiel started digital graphics as Sunstardesigns, he later grow into the professional deeply which birthed the switch to “Craytiff”.

Craytiff has done so many amazing and creative project when he started in the year 2012. He had collaborations with great artists such as; Madicks JR, BS Arts, and worked with one of the biggest brands in printing and publishing, A&A multi-publishing and printing company and many others. The swift change to Craytiff was due to personal reason that is yet to be uncovered.

DIY (Do it Yourself):

Craytiff now offers digital painting tutorials on YouTube (channel name: Craytiff) which will let others flow into his creative realm and learn about his skills using the procreate and Corel draw app.

Subscribe to his channel via YOUTUBE

You can follow up with this phenomenon for more mind-blowing creative concepts, tutorials and illustration arts.

Social Media Contacts:

Follow Craytiff on all social platforms for commission, inspiration sources and tutorials.

Instagram: @craytiff

Twitter: @craytiff1

LinkedIn: @craytiff

YouTube: channel @craytiff


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  1. I know this man on IG, he’s a creative mofo 😄


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