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The race for 2023 general elections has to be by 100miles the most intriguing and eventful with lots of perceived credible

candidates roaming the streets and corridors of Nigeria to canvas for support. Such is not new to Nigerians as Democracy has been very much alive since it's return in 1999.

Even in the same household, you could see support and loyalty to different aspirants as every one thinks his preferred candidate is not only physically fit to fight Anthony Joshua but also credible to eliminate insurgency, Banditry and revamp the sorry state of the country's economy. We have had aspirants in the past with dictionary loads of plans and shady financial purity while others had trader sense,skills and unbelievable affinity for Asia and Chinese made products. Furthermore, others who were believed not to be corrupt but were  preferred simply because they could excellently mismanage corruption and it's perpetrators,Sad!.

Yesterday's edition of the program " Sunday Politics"  on Channels News showcased a man whose guts could not be sliced open for comic skits by the celebrated journalist Mr Seun ,who have made a name for himself for being Nigeria's mouth piece in the media community. Every religious viewer of Sunday politics on Channels knows how good Mr Seun is in exposing no- substance politicians on political,Policy and other related issues. I mean as we say in the streets , Mr Seun and his colleagues at Channels go better school " my cousin Steve Nachi would even add to say ,this Seun would make you forget your father's name on air.

Gov Bala .A. Mohammed of Bauchi would normally not escape journalists any where he goes ever since the endorsement of the Northern elders as a consensus candidate with Sen. Bukola Saraki of Kwara State. 

Sen. Bala's disposition during the program at Channels exposed to Nigerians what Bala has in store and could offer if being elected. I personally subscribe to the English adage that says " Charity Begins at Home " and that would certainty address skepticism from many quarters, but Bauchi state has become a worthy model and sample for 2023's experimentation. Bala's transformation ideas are evident in Bauchi state and a visit would be more assuring than a political tribunal's verdict of recent days.

Psychologist would say, a person's body language, oration, confidence, attribute of appropriation, connotes a sound mind and a capable personality by implication a square peg is in a square hole. Sen. Bala's outing last night should only be seen by reasonable minds that a man fit for the job is already oozing presidential gestures, ideas and workable solution to a country whose hopes were dashed by the so-called upright and holy merchants of change and " Change ", now let the saints living under one dollar a day say Hallelujah!!

Kaura as he is popularly called in Bauchi, which means an outstanding and capable personality has emersed experiences over a period of 19 years in the public space from being a celebrated Philanthropist to a Distinguished senator a feat he achieved against all odds of incumbency and power in 2007. Bala's attributes of Honesty and equity which he publicly displayed on the floor of the senate, availed him another challenge of being an FCT Minister with remarkable achievements as his legacies, which are pen worthy for another day. He is currently a sitting governor a position he ascended to as against incumbency a political trade mark that affirms his credibility towards leadership and desire to bring about  sustainable change.

In a nutshell, my Zulawa people will say, readiness to battle is in itself a proof to a flying spare or arrow. Bala had his proof when interacting with Mr Seun on continental television as he has shown his readiness but as for the Nigerians who would rather not take cover behind the proof, till we meet in Valhalla. We shall therefore come with stories to you that the Naira was not a laughing stock to the American dollar nor the Ghanian Cedi

 Under Kaura.

by Rice David Zul ( )

25th April,2022.


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