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BBAN Reacts to Cino Wayne’s Facebook Post with a Warning Letter!

Bauchi Bloggers Association of Nigeria has today released a press statement in response to Cino Wayne’s facebook post on 17th June 2020. The Association which houses 15 professional bloggers represents the online publishers in Bauchi brings out statement of intent as captured on the Press Statement!
Read below…..
19th June 2020 
It has come to our notice that one Mr.Victor Gabriel aka Cino Wayne made an inciteful statement on social media dated 17th June 2020 which reads “ Why I like uploading my songs on Audiomack is simple, the problem I have with bloggers around here is that if you give them your songs to upload they don’t promote the links they only send you the link to promote our songs so we can get more listeners but instead they send you the link and leave you to share the link with your audience, how can we go far in this game when we **** with the same audience all the time…” Your recent rants could be as a result of an agreement with a blogger which haven’t fulfilled their own part of the deal but upon investigations carried out your claims is basically false accusations because to our knowledge no blogger within our association can confirm that you have ever completely paid for upload and promotions. At this point we will like to give you the chance to show us receipts of any promotions you paid for that were not fulfilled and we promised to refund your money back. On the other hand, what really draws our attention is the fact that you hardly pay for promotion because you have already mastered the art of sneaking into bloggers DM to beg for upload making empty promises as confirmed by our members everyone is a victim of your theatrics. We strongly warn that you should tender a formal apology not what you posted on 18th June 2020 (clout chasing) or else the following will take effect within 72 hours of publishing this statement.
All your songs, news & article publications will be removed from our blogs
We shall never blog anything that has to do with you or your craft again
We shall extend this to our colleagues in the industry i.e DJs, Producers, Event Planners, OAPs, Movie makers, Photographers, Video Directors, Musicians, Graphic Designers and other major stakeholders because everyone is a potential victim as it stands loyalty seems far away from you.

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